Flight Dynamics

The Flight Dynamics (FD) team is responsible for all tasks involving the design and analysis of a launch vehicle’s aerodynamics and control systems. On ascent, the launch vehicle's Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) system will calculate course corrections and actuate control surfaces accordingly. The FD team ensures the success of the GNC system by designing control surfaces that can supply the necessary restoring forces, creating control laws that provide feasible correction terms, developing robust state estimators that utilize sensors to accurately determine the vehicle's orientation, and developing advanced simulators that model the aforementioned technologies. Furthermore, the FD team is responsible for specific technically-challenging problems, some of which include: aerothermodynamic heating of nose cones, dispersion analysis for vehicle recovery, and propellant slosh analysis for liquid launch vehicles.

Interested in joining Flight Dynamics? We are currently looking for people with a sound knowledge base and/or experience in: aerodynamic design, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), controller design and analysis, 6 degree-of-freedom (6-DOF) model generation, and Design of Experiments (DoEs). Preferred software skills include MATLAB and Python. Familiarity with hardware design, construction, or assembly experience for aerodynamic and control systems (i.e. sensors, fins, metal and composites working) is a plus.


Athreya Gundamraj


Zachary Ernst (AE)

Nathan Daniel (AE)

Nate Inman (AE)

Khang Vu (ME)

Edward Eldeiry (AE)