The Propulsion team is responsible for developing a liquid rocket engine capable of launching the Karman-1 launch vehicle to an altitude of 120km. The propulsion team designs and builds all components downstream of the propellant tanks including the propellant feed system, injector, combustion chamber, and nozzle. The team is also responsible to develop any necessary ground support equipment and procedures.

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Trenton Charlson

Team Members

Gerhardus Olde Loohuis
Sahaj Patel
Bishop Wright
Amalique Acuna
Paul Yavarow
Taha Krarti
Nicholas Brophy
John Ryu
Trevor Kelly
Austin Lee
Mila Heydrai
Shrey Jain

Current Work (See More Photos on YJ-1S Project Page)

Project Overview:

One of the biggest goals of the Yellow Jacket Space Program is to kickstart student development of liquid propulsion systems. This push is best embodied in our development of the liquid rocket engine, the Yellow Jacket-1 (YJ-1). YJ-1S will be a sub-scale test article and it's the first liquid-fueled engine in development by the YJSP team (more information in the YJ-1S engine page). The goal of the project is to develop a small scale, robust, test-focused engine. Doing so allows the team to rapidly iterate on the design of components to work towards increased performance through testing.