The Systems team works on the analysis of the overall goals and challenges YJSP is facing at any given point in order to turn in coordinated engineering specifications towards each of the other teams, allowing them to narrow their problem scope and develop an optimal solution. Systems also integrates the different projects developed by each team and tests them in order to make sure that they are compatible, returning each team the necessary feedback. Models and simulations are key tools when performing this task.

Some of the main projects currently ongoing in Systems are:

  • Determining mission and system requirements for all vehicles

  • Enforcing high-fidelity verification and validation of requirements

  • Establish and conduct necessary integration and testing procedures to ensure high certainty of nominal launch, flight, and recovery

  • Modeling aerodynamic loads at high-order using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Developing low-order and high-order aerothermal heating model for vehicles

  • Characterizing inertial and pressure sensors for bias and noise

  • Conducting trades for implementation of optimal estimation of state

  • Actively maintaining the 1DOF and 6DOF trajectory analysis

Interested in joining Systems? We are currently looking for people with interest or background in programming and modeling in MATLAB and/or Python, ModelCenter, and risk and reliability assessment.


Kunal Gangolli (AE)

Team Members

Harsh Patel (AE)

Zachary Ernst (AE)

Suhail Singh (AE)

Victor Petitgenet (AE)

Michael Krause (AE)

Mai Vo (CS)